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…promises ‘next level experience’ “Regardless of whatever you may be facing as a woman at this very moment in your life, God is able to turn that mess into a message” – Pastor Delight UwagboeFreedom Life Ministries’ annual women’s conference is here again and according to the coordinator, thisPastor Victoria Phillipsyear’s event promises “an awesome, next level experience guaranteed at breaking chains and empowering women to become stronger than their struggles”.Now in its third year, the dynamic conference has a proven track record of delivering vibrant empowerment to women by providing the necessary tools to allow them to live victorious lives and fulfill God’s purpose for them.Under the theme “Women Stronger Than Their Struggles (part 3)”,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, the conference will be held from Wednesday March 9 to Saturday March 12 at the sanctuary at 24 Princes and Lyng Streets, Charlestown, under the patronage of founder of the church,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Prophet Joel Uwagboe.The annual conference attracts thousands from all walks of life and all areas of Guyana and has been effective in bringing about permanent change in negative situations faced by women.SURPASSING ITS MANDATEFirst Lady of Freedom Life Ministries Inc., Pastor Delight Ogle-Uwagboe, whose vision it was to birth the annual event, recently expressed thanks to God that it has been not only fulfilling but surpassing its mandate.“Many women are not conscious of their God-given potential and abilities. They are precious to God and have many unlocked treasures inside them that God wants to bring to the fore. Unfortunately along the way they might have been hurt, abused,China Jerseys Cheap, misused, trampled, oppressed, marginalized upon etc., and are struggling with overcoming manyPastor Delight Uwagboeissues they are facing on a daily basis.“Many have searched for solutions in a number of places, but have only found temporary relief or none at all. This annual conference has been effective, because it has been giving them the practical tools needed to connect with God in a real way to get the real, permanent healing and deliverance they need to overcome these obstacles and live sustained victorious lives.”“Indeed women are stronger than their struggles, because God has enshrined in them the ability and power to be overcomers, but they have to know what the keys are and use them to move from a place of defeat and despair to enjoying a life of freedom,China NFL Jerseys, peace and abundance as God ordained it…that’s what this conference is all about.”She explained that the conference was birthed out of the need that exists in society for “real discussions in the church, setting about issues affecting women”.THE IDEAL OPPORTUNITY“The truth is that women as a gender have issues that are unique to us, that cannot necessarily be addressed from the pulpit. This annual conference provides the ideal opportunity for women to sit and honestly and openly discuss these problems and find solutions together through God’s help.”She is adamant that no woman who wants an improvement in some aspect of their life should miss this event.Noting that God has a wonderful plan and purpose for each woman that He wants to see fulfilled, she saidDr. Darlene Daythe conference this year is structured in such a way that allows open interaction, as there are sessions where participants can ask questions of the panelists and get answers.The coordinator explained that as has been the practice in the past, the topics to be discussed this year were specially selected to address current issues that are prevalent in society.One such issue is suicide, which will be dealt with in an in-depth manner on Thursday March 10.POWERFUL DISCUSSIONSThe four-day seminar will see powerful discussions on other riveting and ‘down-to-earth’ topics such as “Breaking Addictions and evil spirits; Alone in Marriage/Lonely Singles; Women of Purpose; It’s Time for Closure; From ashes to beauty; transforming bitterness into blessings and wholeness; God has a purpose for your pain; put off and put on; Holler but don’t quit, winning life’s battles in the war room and setting boundaries.She explained that the format of the sessions will comprise ‘general ministry’ where participants will receive prophetic impartation, healing and deliverance as well as plenary sessions which will see the esteemed panel of facilitators fielding questions from participants.And this year the coordinators have pulled out all the stops in sourcing facilitators who are not only sound and proficient in the word of God, but who have themselves been the victims of harrowing experiences in life, but, through the power of God’s grace, have emerged victorious and are living abundant lives,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, fulfilling their God-given destinies.“These women will not only be speaking from a perspective as pastors, but as women who have been through terrible struggles themselves and have permanently overcome them. They can identify with the issues women face: they have truly learnt the art of being stronger than their struggles and want to share this with others,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” Pastor Delight noted.IMPRESSIVE LINEUP OF FACILITATORSThe impressive lineup of facilitators comprises Dr. Darlene Day of the USA, Pastor Victoria Phillips of Canada, and Pastors Michelle Sobers and Pamela O’Donoghue of Guyana, along with Prophet Joel Uwagboe of Guyana/Nigeria.Pastor Victoria Phillips of Niagara Falls, Canada has been described as “a mighty woman of God with an intense passion for helping women”. She has had more than her fair share of life’s challenges, having originally come from Rwanda/Congo where she lost her entire family during the genocide that occurred there, during which about one million ethnic Tutsi were killed. She is the only surviving member of her immediate birth family. These experiences and encounters with the Holy Spirit have made her a seasoned minister of the Gospel with love, passion and the miraculous power of God.Reverend Dr. Darlene Day is the Pastor of Kingdom International Ministries of God and Overseers the Door of Hope Spanish Ministry in Los Angeles, California.  She is an ordained and licensed Pastor with a prolific gift to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. She speaks at numerous women and youth conferences, conducts revival services, ordinations and teaches leadership classes for Pastors everywhere.Reverend Day received her BA and MA degrees from New York University, New York Law School and Bethel Bible Institute.  She also has her Doctor of Divinity Degree from Christian Bible Institute and Seminary.Prophetess Michelle Sobers is another dynamic woman of God. She is the founder of Global Intercessory Network and co-pastor of the Destiny Empowerment Worship Centre with her husband Sean Sobers. She is an advocate for women in the Kingdom and has ministered alongside world renowned leaders such as Apostles Cindy Trimm and Irma Grimmith to name a few.Pamela O’Donoghue is currently an associate pastor of Freedom Life Ministries’ branch at Number Nine village, West Coast Berbice. In Ministry for more than twenty years, she has a passion and intense hunger to teach the people about God. She has a unique evangelistic deliverance spirit that ignites revival wherever she goes.CONFERENCE IS OPEN TO ALLOn Wednesday the conference will commence at 18:00hrs. On Thursday and Friday the proceedings will continue at 13:00hrs. And on Saturday, the final day for the conference, the event will begin at 09:30hrs.The conference is open to all with a registration fee of just $2000 for all four days.Registration can be done by visiting the church any day between 08:00hrs to 18:00hrs or calling the church office numbers – 225-1056/225-3213. Registration can also be done on attendance to the conference.Freedom Life Ministries Inc. was established 13 years ago with the overarching aim of nurturing, educating and developing the spiritual awareness of its members geared towards enhancing their welfare and relationship to each other, while bringing relief to various communities as deemed fit.More than a decade later this vision has realized momentous fruition. Three local churches, three outstations and one overseas-based church have been established.Two of the local churches are located in the Ancient County of Berbice; at Numbers 9 and 35 villages, and the three outstations are at Paradise, East Coast Demerara, New Amsterdam, Berbice, and Bayrock, Linden. As earlier mentioned, the sanctuary in the capital city is located at Princes and Lyng Streets, Charlestown, while the New York branch is located in Jamaica, Queens.