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作者: yueyrt19l6    時間: 2018-2-13 18:11     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale including Niles

Several army ranks, including a colonel and a staff sergeant, appeared before a Board of Inquiry this week as investigations continued into the discovery of ammunition on a prisoner who had done a stint of work at Camp Ayanganna.Army sources say that most of the persons who were interviewed had worked in a building on the army base from which the prisoner, Edwin Niles,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, had obtained a pair of trousers that allegedly contained seven .22 rounds. Kaieteur News understands that the colonel had ordered ranks to clean the building and dispose of the trousers and other old army clothing.The staff sergeant was interviewed because it was known that he sometimes used .22 rounds to kill stray dogs.According to an army source, investigators also questioned a work-study student and all the inmates, including Niles,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, who had worked at the base that day.Niles and three other inmates were taken to Camp Ayanganna two Thursdays ago to clean a building, and not to weed the compound as was initially reported.The building contained old army attire that was to have been disposed of.Among the items was a pair of trousers, which Niles reportedly took,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, although he was reportedly told not to.On their return to the Georgetown Prison,NFL Jerseys China, the inmates were searched and the ammunition was allegedly found in the stolen trousers, which Niles was wearing.  Niles was hospitalised with a broken arm and burns on his back shortly after being interrogated.While a hospital statement suggested that other inmates had inflicted the injuries,Wholesale Jerseys China, Niles’s relatives have alleged that he was beaten with a stick and scalded with hot water while being questioned.Niles had been incarcerated for three years and was due to be released in September. Police officials say that Niles arrived at the Brickdam Police Station with the injuries,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

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