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標題: Wholesale Jerseys and dem grabbing up so much so much wealth. Fuh do wha wid [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt19l6    時間: 7 天前 21:44     標題: Wholesale Jerseys and dem grabbing up so much so much wealth. Fuh do wha wid

Every government does try a hustle here and there. But most of dem around de world got limits. Dem does tek wid dem finger,Cheap Jerseys From China, some does tek a li’l lick wid dem tongue. But this government does either push dem whole hand inside,China Jerseys Free Shipping, or tek a bite and a mouthful and dem don’t care if dem choke.De whole tekking thing got to do wid discretion. Live and let others live. Old people seh that you must eat and lef some fuh you mattie. Tell that to Jagdeo and he friends. Dem like dem greedy lang-hearted whore.When dem tek de nation does tek in because nutten don’t lef. And that tek in don’t mean tekking. It mean drop down, or sick fuh dead.De amount dem tekking from de projects does send people to hospital.  Imagine dem tell Guyana that dem building a school in de bush (Kato) fuh ten children  at a cost of $800 million.Dem boys seh that is not hustle, that is raw renk thiefing. If you can do this wid thing wha de ordinary man can see so blatant, what about these things wha de ordinary man ain’t got a clue about; things like de US$20 million Hope Canal, US$200 million Skeldon factory and US$60 million Marriott and river dredging, de billions they say dem seh dem spending on repairing roads and building highways. De athletic track wha open yesterday is another issue. Dem start building that athletic track fuh a small figure and it ain’t finish yet but dem done announce to de nation that dem done spend over $1,Cheap China Jerseys,000 million.This not only shafting de people,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, is de disrespect that dem got fuh us as a people. A reporter hear when one of dem seh,Cheap China Jerseys, “Tek dah figure fuh y’aal fastness.”Is a sin fuh wish people bad but it ain’t got a person that talk to dem boys, that don’t wish these good for nutten bastards bad.Dem seh that some of dem bastards ain’t got a chick or a child, not a granny or a grandpa,China Jersyes Cheap, and dem grabbing up so much so much wealth. Fuh do wha wid?Dem bastards should understand that ex-US President Jimmy Carter does monitor elections all over de world and everywhere he go, change does follow. He did come in 1992.Talk half and remind dem that Jimmy Carter is on his way to Guyana.

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