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–    Quarter of fourth form students passed Palms are sweating as most await the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) results that are slated to be announced today in Region Two. More specifically, many who have connections to President’s College are “worried” about the results; just crossing fingers hoping that the students do well.Kaieteur News understands that the recent trend set by senior students of the East Coast Demerara School is the source of all the concern.According to very reliable sources,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, the school which has been for over two years functioning without a Board of Directors,Wholesale Jerseys USA, is “running right down” and consequently, so is the academic performance of the some students attending.One of the many sources told Kaieteur News,Cheap NFL Jerseys, “Make no mistake, there are children who still perform well and upkeep the name of President’s College; but then there are some who just can’t cope and some who simply refuse to learn.”It was revealed that a mock exam sat by the outgoing students wasn’t up to scratch with “the usual PC standard.”Further, this publication learnt that only about 25 percent of the fourth form students have passed to go over to fifth; the pass mark being 60 percent.It was also disclosed that not all of the students who secured an overall pass mark passed English and even fewer passed Mathematics.It was also pointed out that the high level of failure in Mathematics from the fourth form students is as a result of the students going one and a half terms without a teacher.This publication was told that midway through the second term, there was a vacancy for a Mathematics teacher and only three weeks before end of term exams begun was a replacement found.“So probably the fact that for about one and a half terms the students went without a Mathematics teacher is yet another factor,” said another source.Kaieteur News understands that at various levels, there are students that are performing “very poorly” to the extent that some students’ overall grade went no higher than 28 percent.It was related to this newspaper,NBA Jerseys China, as well, that most of the students who fail are those that came from hinterland communities.One source’s comment was, “You will find repeaters…But the repeaters here are mostly hinterland students. They really cannot cope with the level of learning; it is just higher here.”Another said “It comes down to what a student wants; parents sometimes send angels and at the end of five years get monsters. And in some cases it is not only the house parent, it is the parents too,Cheap Jerseys From China, because parents would loose their children and they don’t look back… parents need to be up to date with their children’s performance. The children are sometimes really unruly. Sometimes if they don’t want a class they would mix up the electrical circuit so that the classroom won’t have light. Then when the house parent gets them mad they give dem and all blackout.”“There are teachers at that school that would go to the end of the earth to make sure that the name of President’s College lives,Cheap Jerseys From China, while there are others who just don’t care. And it is a lot of politics going on.”

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