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標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys ”De parrot tun to de owner and seh [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt19l6    時間: 2018-4-16 19:56     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys ”De parrot tun to de owner and seh

Looks are deceiving. When people see a man dress up nice dem does think he is a gentleman. Dem is de man who does con people and get away wid dem money. Nuff senior government officers does dress up nice too and everybody know wha dem do wid de money in de treasury.Of course,Cheap Jerseys From China, people who dress up nice don’t fool everybody. A lady Minister walk into de Pet Store and see a parrot. She tell de owner that she like de bird,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, especially de colour. She ask de owner wha de bird could do and he decide to give she a demonstration. He tell she to ask de bird any question.Wid a big smile pun she face she ask de parrot how she look. Right away de parrot tell she that she look like a prostitute.De owner lef wid he mouth open. He grab de bird and carry it to de back of de office. He duck de parrot in a bucket of cold water. When he tek out de parrot he tell it that de next time he insult de lady he gun get duck in de cold water fuh a long time.He carry de bird back in front and tell de lady to ask de bird any question again. De lady ask de bird if it see she wid a man wha it would think. De parrot seh that it would think that de man is she husband.“If you see me wid two man wha you gun think?” De parrot tell she that he would think is she husband and she brother. “If you see me wid three man wha you gun think?  De parrot seh that he gun think is she husband,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, she brother and she husband brother. De lady smile.“If you see me wid five man?”De parrot tun to de owner and seh,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, “Get out de bucket wid all de cold water you can get because this woman is a damn prostitute.”Talk half and remember that no matter how nice you look somebody gun always find out de truth.

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