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標題: NFL Jerseys From China all de international bodies [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt19l6    時間: 2018-4-16 19:58     標題: NFL Jerseys From China all de international bodies

Soulja Bai and Rum Jattan wasting de people time plus dem boys time. Both of dem promise de world, all de international bodies, that dem gun deal wid de scamps who use to run de country. Jagdeo included.Every minute de two of dem talking how people going to jail. Li’l Joe join dem and singing –two of dem from de Bible and de other one from de Bhagavad Gita.Six months done,Discount NFL Jerseys, audits report come out wid tremendous skullduggery left, right and centre but Soulja Bai and Rum Jattan frighten fuh hold up de report that recommend criminal charges again Jagdeo,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, Ashni, Brassington and even Donald Dumb.People already suss dem out. Dem seeing that nobody ain’t getting charge suh a new set start. Imagine one just get de wuk at GPL and he done hustling wid contracts.Another set hustling wid GuySuCo fertilizer. This set get ketch only because people still believe that Soulja Bai dem mean fuh stamp out corruption.But while some of dem hustling fertiliser and contract,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, some of dem hustling mining land and food.Dem boys seh as soon as de New Year break if nothing is done by de coalition,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, dem boys forming a political party and dem gun tek to de streets.Is too much scampishness and thiefing went on under Jagdeo and Donald. Brassington and Ashni and all de rest of dem lef de treasury lighter than air. Plenty of that money gone in dem private bank account, overseas. Some deh in dem family name. And that dem boys know is de honest truth. Dem boys got evidence.Tek de Marriott. Dem boys,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, from day one, seh that Marriott was a fake contract and a fake contractor. De audit report vindicate wha dem boys know from day one. Dem boys know that Brassington was king fuh shifting money here,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, there and everywhere.He was a queen fuh deceitfulness and a jack fuh lying.Why Goolsarran ask him to defend hiring a scampish consultant—a man who plead guilty to felony and falsification of business records. Brassington seh that de matter was dismissed and there was no more cases pending. De story go further—de charges were set aside fuh de consultant to settle de matter or else criminal charges would be restored.Dem boys seh guess wha Brassington do? He tek de taxpayers dollars and give de consultant fuh settle matter, then turn back and hire de man.He had de nerve to tell Goolsarran, “You see, de man was never convicted.” That is de man Brassington, Jagdeo’s right hand man.Talk half and join de protest fuh these bastards go to prison.

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