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Supported by his wife and other immediate relatives, Hytilall Ramdahin, 58, of Anna Canal, Upper Pomeroon River, was yesterday granted $600.000 bail by Magistrate Sunil Scarce.Ramdahin appeared at the Charity Magistrate’s Court charged with one count of manslaughter stemming from the loss of six lives after a boat collision on December 18, last. Three of the six persons were adults. The charge was indictable thus Magistrate Scarce cautioned Ramdahin not to enter a plea. The 58-year-old stood in the dock and listened carefully to the charge of manslaughter which was read to him.According to a police report, the Region Two boat,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, piloted by Ramdahin, was said to be transporting 12 persons,Cheap China Jerseys, including members attached to the One Laptop Per Family Programme and the Region Two Chairman, Parmanand Persaud and his wife to Charity from Siriki,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, in the Upper Pomeroon.Another boat that was transporting seven persons, six of whom perished, was proceeding in the opposite direction when the collision occurred.Police prosecutor, Christendat Ramana, strongly objected to bail. He said that the evidence uncovered by both the police and the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) was strong and that if bail is granted, there exists a likelihood that Ramdahin may not comply with the conditions.Ramana also zeroed in on the sensitive nature of the crime noting that three of the six persons who died were children.Counsel, Latchman Dindyal, in his application for bail, reminded the court that the offence was bailable.Dindyal informed the court that his client is 58-years-old and he was a licensed boat driver assigned to the Region Two Administration for the past 15 years.Counsel argued too that Ramdahin was not a flight risk and thus he will attend his trail. He cooperated with the police from the inception.After listening to both arguments Magistrate Scarce granted bail with an additional requirement which stated that Ramdahin should report to the Charity station on Wednesdays and Saturdays.On December 18, last; boat captain Harrynarine Bhagwandeen, 40; his cousin Vincent Singh,China NFL Jerseys,42; Zelda Rodriques,Cheap Jerseys Online, 50; her son Shawn Rodriques,15; Rajkumar, 14; and his little sister Amerita Singh, 10,died after the collision.All of them died as a result of multiple injuries. The younger Rodrigues died due to blunt trauma and spinal injuries.Rajkumar’s parents Beverly, and Albert Narine,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, who were late for court said that they were not pleased with the amount of bail granted to Ramdahin. They are contending that bail should have been more substantial.

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