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作者: yueyrt19l6    時間: 7 天前 22:54     標題: Wholesale Jerseys 2017 and residents in Wauna

Over the weekend Minister of Local Government and Regional Development,China NFL Jerseys, Ganga Persaud met with members of the business community in Mabaruma, Region One where concerns about electricity were among the issues raised.Minister Persaud noted that the meeting was held at a time when the state of the environment is powered by people’s need to enjoy certain comforts, such as electricity, hence when such an issue is brought to the table, it must be dealt with expeditiously. During the last few weeks the old generator experienced some difficulties and although it was repaired it eventually stopped functioning.Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud and Regional Chairman,Wholesale Jerseys, and Paul Pierre inspecting the new generator.Minister Persaud noted that the engineer will return to Region One with the transformer, exhaust and switches to work on the new system.He emphasised that once all goes well by next weekend power will be restored temporarily following which normalcy will return when the 1000KVA transformer arrives within the next two months.Currently,Cheap Jerseys, Mabaruma residents receive five hours of electricity daily and in an effort to increase the hours supplied and, to accommodate more households on the network, steps were made to secure a 750 KVA generator.  Electricity is currently being supplied from a 625KVA system.Minister Persaud explained that the new generator was procured and arrived in Guyana a few months ago, however its transportation to Mabaruma took some time.In the beginning attempts were made to transport the generator on a pontoon,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, however, that would have cost between $12M to $15M.   The generator arrived in Mabaruma in June.Minister Persaud stated that upon arrival in Mabaruma it was discovered that several components and a 1000KVA transformer were missing, hence an additional $18M was needed for the system’s installation and Cabinet was approached for funding in this regard.He indicated that the procurement of the needed components for the new generator is being fast tracked and a smaller transformer is being procured which will be used as part of the network when the larger transformer arrives.Additionally, the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry is working with the Agriculture Ministry to have on loan a 750KVA transformer.Minister Persaud acknowledged that the RDC Administration, not having the technical expertise required for the network, did not make adequate budgetary provisions for the installation and other components of the generator to function adequately.While in discussions with members of the RDC it was brought out that the Mabaruma power station is operating at a loss. In 2010 the revenue collected amounted to $3.8M while in 2011 $4M was collected.  On average 85 drums of fuel,Cheap Jerseys From China, costing $3.4M are used monthly. Apart from that, and the subsidies government offer, the company still has operational costs which include maintenance of line,Jerseys NFL China, planting poles and paying salaries.While in Region One the Minister also met with the Mabaruma/Kumaka/Hosororo Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) and residents in Wauna, Barabina, Kumaka, and Hosororo. (GINA)

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